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Revision of Previously Issued Financial Statements

Revision of Previously Issued Financial Statements
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2021
Condensed Financial Information Disclosure [Abstract]  
Revision of Previously Issued Financial Statements

Note 2 — Revision of Previously Issued Financial Statements


In the Company’s previously issued financial statements, a portion of the public shares were classified as permanent equity to maintain stockholders’ equity greater than $5,000,000 on the basis that the Company will consummate its initial business combination only if the Company has net tangible assets of at least $5,000,001. Thus, the Company can only complete a merger and continue to exist as a public company if there are sufficient Public Shares that do not redeem at the merger and so it is appropriate to classify the portion of its public shares required to keep its shareholders’ equity above the $5,000,000 threshold as “shares not subject to redemption.”


However, in light of recent comment letters issued by the Securities & Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to several special purpose acquisition companies, management re-evaluated the Company’s application of ASC 480-10-99 to its accounting classification of public shares. Upon re-evaluation, management determined that the public shares include certain provisions that require classification of the public shares as temporary equity regardless of the minimum net tangible asset required by the Company to complete its initial business combination.


In accordance with SEC Staff Accounting Bulletin No. 99, “Materiality,” and SEC Staff Accounting Bulletin No. 108, “Considering the Effects of Prior Year Misstatements when Quantifying Misstatements in Current Year Financial Statements;” the Company evaluated the changes and has determined that the related impacts were not material to any previously presented financial statements. Therefore, the Company, in consultation with its Audit Committee, concluded that its previously issued financial statements impacted should be revised to report all public shares as temporary equity.


As a result, the Company revised its previously filed financial statements to classify all of its Class A common stock as temporary equity and to recognize accretion from the initial book value to redemption value at the time of its Initial Public Offering and in accordance with ASC 480. The change in the carrying value of the redeemable shares of Class A common stock at the Initial Public Offering resulted in a decrease of approximately $5.5 million in additional paid-in capital and a charge of approximately $16.6 million to accumulated deficit, as well as a reclassification of 2,205,397 shares of Class A common stock from permanent equity to temporary equity. The Company will present this revision in a prospective manner in all future filings. Under this approach, the previously issued IPO Balance Sheet and Form 10-Qs will not be amended, but historical amounts presented in the current and future filings will be recast to be consistent with the current presentation, and an explanatory footnote will be provided.


The impact of the revision to the unaudited condensed balance sheets as of March 31, 2021, and June 30, 2021, is a reclassification of $19.2 million and $23.3 million, respectively, from total shareholders’ equity to Class A common stock subject to possible redemption. There is no impact to the reported amounts for total assets, total liabilities, cash flows, net income (loss), or the net income (loss) per share. In connection with the change in presentation for the Class A common stock subject to possible redemption, the Company also revised its earnings per share calculation to allocate income and losses shared pro rata between the two classes of shares. This presentation contemplates a Business Combination as the most likely outcome, in which case, both classes of shares share pro rata in the income and losses of the Company.